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   Translation Services


Techno-Valley translation Services bridge language barriers within different fields of technology, science, medicine and literature. We have created a long list of very satisfied customers worldwide.

Our experts help you :

  • To translate web pages written in a foreign language.

  • To translate e-mail messages into/from a foreign language.

  • To translate letters, facsimile, reports and memos in a foreign language.

  • To translate manuals and books into/from a foreign language.

  • For interactive learning of new words and phrases of a foreign language.

  • To interactively learn how to pronounce new words and phrases of a foreign language.

All Techno-Valley interpreters abide by a Professional Code of Ethics. This implies full confidentiality and non-disclosure of clients' information.You can use automated services as well presented by techno-valley.com and translate your documents online (Powered by Reverso)


Now, use Reverso online translator to translate your documents.



Techno-Valley uses a combination of in-house and freelance interpreters. Pricing for either is based upon a low hourly rate.  Certain types of interactions require specialized interpreters.  As you'll find out very quickly, our prices are the best in the industry-guaranteed! 



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   Translation Links

Acronyms - Generic

World Wide Web Acronym and Abbreviation Server

Acronym Finder

The Great Three Letter Abbreviations Hunt



Acronyms - Specific

Accountancy: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Agriculture: Too useful for general agronomy to classify under "Rice" alone.

Agriculture: Giannini Foundation Library.

Agriculture: Agricultural science and policy acronyms (CAST).

Alaska: From the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.

Astronomy & Space: Usenet FAQ.

Astronomy & Space: Canonical astronomy abbrev/acro list.

Automotive: Car terminology, autoparts, etc.

Aviación: Abreviaturas aeronáuticas (Gacías).

Aviation: Honeywell.

Aviation: USAAF.

Australia: Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Biodiversity: Abbreviations and acronyms related to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Biotechnology: Biotechnology Abbreviation and Acronym Uncovering Service (BioABACUS).

Building: Common acronyms in the (Canadian) construction industry.

Census: Census taking, statistics, IT, etc. (US Census Bureau).

Chemistry: Abbreviations of chemical compounds / Abkürzungen chemischer Verbindungen (en, de).

Chemistry: Abbreviations Related to International Chemical Safety Activities (US EPA).

Climate Change: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center.

Computers and Telecommunications: Babel.

Computers and Telecommunications: 7700+ entries (en, fr).

Computers and Telecommunications: Secret Hackers Society.

Computers and Telecommunications: Ultimate computer acronyms archive.

Computers and Telecommunications: Internet, Usenet, chat (Thomas).

Countries: Two-letter ISO 3166 codes, in English; en français. Alternatively, a similar list with the added bonus of national flags and ISO three-letter codes.

Currencies: ISO 4217 currency codes; códigos de monedas y países en español; auf Deutsch.

Disaster Management: Division of Emergency Management (Florida, USA).

Diving: Scuba, sub-aqua.

Earth Sciences: Atmospheric radiation measurement program.

Earth Sciences: Dictionary of quaternary acronyms.

Earth Sciences: Geographic information systems, cartography, remote sensing.

Education: Common acronyms in adult education (SABES).

Education: English language teaching terminology.

Education: Georgia (US) Department of Education.

Education: The CommonweALTh of Learning.

Electronics: Common abbreviations and acronyms in electronics (Kaytaz).

Environmental: Association of Engineering Geologists.

Environmental: "Terms of Environment" (US EPA).

Environmental: Mexico-USA border concerns, en & es (TRIP).

Environmental: US Department of Energy.

Environnement: L'éducation à l'environnement a son jargon, ses sigles obscurs ...

Finance: NUMA dictionary of derivatives acronyms.

Finance: Investopedia.

Genetics: Courtesy of the Human Genome Program.

Geneaology: GenDocs (UK).

Geography: Geographic information systems, cartography, remote sensing.

Guatemala: Organizaciones (sociedad civil, etc.) en Guatemala.

HeALTh Information Resources: Global information and data resources in the heALTh sciences; ou, si l'on prefère, des Ressources d'information sur la santé.

Incoterms: Con descripciones en español.

Indonesia: Words, concepts, and acronyms.

International Affairs: Relief Web.

Ireland: Terms and acronyms

Ireland: Acronyms associated with the Irish conflict. Comprehensively linked.

Islam: Multilateral relations in the Islamic world (Organization of the Islamic Conference).

Legal: University of Washington School of Law.

Legal: Listado de abreviaturas de la jurisprudencia española.

Maritime: The Nautical Institute's guide for mariners.

Maritime: Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Medical: Pharmaceutical medicine (Pharma-Lexicon).

Medical: US FDA drug approval procedures, regulations, etc.

Medical: HIV/AIDS.

Meteorology: Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services (USA).

Mexico: Glosario de siglas mexicanas: gobierno, política, finanzas, etc. (Opaui).

Military: UK Ministry of Defence.

Military: US Department of Defense.

Military: US NARDIC. [PDF]

NASA: An effort to make NASAspeak understandable to the general reader, together with general space-related acronyms.

Planning: American Planning Association.

Quality Control: Operations management and quality management.

Rice: Rice cultivation, agronomy, the green revolution (IRRI, WARDA, CIAT).

Satellites: Earth Observing System Data and Information System.

Semiconductors: Industry abbreviations and acronyms from Sematech.

Spanish: Abbreviations and acronyms used in the Spanish-language military and general press (FBIS). [Link to zipped PDF]

Surface Science: University of York.

Telecommunications: Acronyms expanded and defined (WorldCom).

Telecomunicaciones y Telefonía: Siglas inglesas traducidas y españolas autóctonas.

Telecommunications: General telecomms (MIT).

Telecommunications: ISDN abbreviations (MIT).

Telecommunications: CRAF/ESF: European slant.

Telecommunications: US Federal Standard 1037C.

Trade: The darker side of international trade (US Bureau of Export Administration).

Transportation: Bureau of Transportation Statistics (US DOT).

UK: Business and professional abbreviations and acronyms.

USA: List of US government acronyms.

USA: Abbreviations and acronyms of the US government (thoroughly linked).

USA: Specific to Alaska (AHFC).

USA: Organizational acronyms.

USA: Acronyms associated with the US Civil War.

Veterinary Medicine: From the Veterinary Medicine Library.

Water: Water, water quality, environmental, and water-related abbreviations (NDWP).


Dictionaries & Glossaries


Algerian Darja-English


English-Bengal Dictionary



Chinese/English Dictionary
English-Chinese Dictionary
Lin Yutang's Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage

Text in Chinese charset







Dutch-English Dictionary with Verb Conjugations



Merriam-Webster's WWWebster Dictionary
Cambidge Dictionaries Online
DICT Free Online Dictionary
ARTFL Project: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 Edition
from University of Chigago
The Newbury House Online Dictionary
The Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus

Special Dictionaries

Casey's Snow Day Reverse Dictionary (and Guru), look for the word by giving its meaning

Computing Dictionary

The Free Dictionary , Brings various sources to one area

Larry's Aussie Slang and Phrase Dictionary

The Jargon File

Pseudodictionary (dictionary of slang, webspeak, colloquialisms, etc)

Strange & Unusual Dictionaries:

The White Queen's Dictionary of One Letter Words

Dictionary of All-Consonant Words

Dictionary of All-Vowel Words








Dialectological dictionary of Estonian


Sünonüümisõnastik (Dictionary of Synonyms)

Esimene Eesti Slängi Sõnaraamat (1st Estonian Slang Dictionary)

Interface and instructions of the three dictionaries above are only in Estonian, ALThough the Slang dictionary has preface also in English and Finnish.



English-Finnish-English Online Dictionary

Online Finnish-English-Finnish Dictionary


ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary

Bilingual French-English dictionary


Dictionnaire Universel Francophone En Ligne

Dictionnaire de l'Académie française, huitième édition (1935)

Dictionnaire de l'Académie française, neuvième édition, 1er tome

Trésor de la Langue française (the dictionnary of the Institut National de la Langue Française)

The above dictionaries have interface and instructions only in French.

Dictionnaires d'autrefois




Meyers Lexikon - Das Wissen A-Z


LEO dictionary

The New (Revised) English-German dictionary from TU Dresden

English-German dictionary by Wolfram Schneider

Mennonite Low German-English Dictionary



Greek Lexicon


Papa Hua'olelo - Hawaiian-English dictionary

Mo'o and Lolo's Hawaiian-English-Hawaiian dictionary



Hindi Electronic Dictionary (also in with Japanese interface).


Online Hungarian-English-Hungarian Dictionary


All Instructions in Hungarian



KEBI - The Indonesian Electronic Dictionary

Online Indonesian-English-Indonesian dictionary

English-Indonesian and Indonesian-English dictionaries

Online English-Indonesian Dictionary

Diccionario Indonesio-Español (Indonesian-Spanish-Indonesian)

Online Indonesian-Dutch Dictionary


Interface and instructions are in Interlingua.


Il dizionario d'italiano online

Interface and instructions are in Italian.


Online Italian-English-Italian Dictionary



English-Japanese Dictionary for English Speaking People

Free On-line Bidirectional Japanese-English Dictionary

Online Japanese-English-Japanese dictionary

Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Server - Japanese-English Online Dictionary


Kannada texts require special font.


Kurdish <=> English
Kurdish <=> French


Latin<->English dictionary

Online Latin Dictionary


Free Latvian<->English dictionary

Interface and instructions are in Latvian.

Ngata Maori-English-Maori dictionary

Kimikupu Hou Lexical Database




Mongolian text requires Cyrillic fonts


Dictionary.com - Interface to look different dictionaries with one query.

The Internet Dictionary Project Search: English-German-English, English-Italian-English, English-Spanish-English, English-French-English, English-Latin-English, English-Portuguese-English dictionaries with uniform interface

Multilingual online dictionary from Logos Group

Foreign Languages for Travelers

Machaelis Soft Portuguese - English/French/German/Spanish/Italian - Portuguese
Instructions in Portuguese

Czech-English-Czech / Czech-German-Czech

Handy Services
Bilingual dictionaries/translation system for Dutch, English, French, German Italian, Portuguese and

Hazar.com Online Dictionary: English-Turkish-English, German-Turkish-German, French-Turkish-French, Italian-Turkish-Italian, Danish-Turkish-Danish, Spanish-Turkish-Spanish, English-Russian-English, English-Japanese-English dictionaries, English<->Turkish computer terms search and word lists (+ horoscope service)
(Uses frames. :-\ )

From language To language - dictionaries between English, Turkish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian
Form requires JavaScript :-/

LookWAYup dictionaries

The Alternative Dictionaries, slang word listings in different languages.


Bokmål and Nynorsk dictionaries.

All instructions are in Norwegian.

Online English-Norwegian-English dictionary



Small English-Polish Dictionary
English-Polish Dictionary

Interface and instructions are in Polish.


Portuguese-Portuguese dictionary

All text in Portuguese


Online Russian-English-Russian Dictionary

English-Russian-English Dictionary and Thesaurus of Computer Terms

English-Russian dictionary


Interface and instructions are in Karelian and Russian. Russian text in Windows-1251 charset.





Diccionario Anaya de la Lengua
Interface and instructions only in Spanish.


Online Spanish-English-Spanish Dictionary


Swahili Living Dictionary
Online Swahili-English-Swahili Dictionary
Russian-Swahili & Swahili-Russian Dictionaries



Instructions only in Swedish

Instructions only in Swedish, Greek text requires appropriate fonts

Svenska Akademiens ordbok - A Swedish-Swedish dictionary
Instructions only in Swedish

Online English-Swedish-English Dictionary

Swedish-Kurdish dictionary

English <=> Swedish Dictionary



IITS Online Tamil Lexicon (ITL)

English-Tamil Dictionary

EMDEN Wörterbuch Tamil-Deutsch

Tamil-German Dictionary



Türkçe Sözlük / Turkish Dictionary



Techno-Valley claims no responsibility for these dictionaries.  If you think that some of the links are not working, please e-mail us.


Translators Worldwide Associations

AITC - International Association of Conference Translators.

EST - European Society for Translation Studies.

CIUTI - Conférence internationale permanente d'instituts universitaires de traducteurs et interprètes.


ATP - Asociación de Traductores Profesionales (Mexico).

ATPP - Puru Translation Association

ALTA - American Literary Translators Association (USA).

ATA - American Translators Association (USA).

CTTIC - Canadian Translators and Interpreters Council (Canada). And several of Canada's provincial associations: ATIA (Alberta), ATIM (Manitoba), ATINS (Nova Scotia), ATIO (Ontario), ATIS (Saskatchewan), OTIAQ (Quebec), STIBC (British Columbia).

CTPBA - Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Argentina).

LTAC - Literary Translators' Association of Canada.

NAJIT - National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (USA).

SINTRA - Sindicato Nacional dos Tradutores (Brazil).


SATI- South African Translators' Institute (RSA).


JAT - Japan Association of Translators (Japan).

TAC- Translators' Association of China (PRC).


APETI - Asociación Profesional Española de Traductores e Intérpretes (Spain).

AITI- Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti (Italy).

APT- Associação Portuguesa de Traductores (Portugal).

CATI- Cyprus Association of Translators and Interpreters (Cyprus).

BKVTF/CBTIP - Chambre belge des Traducteurs, Interprètes et Philologues - Belgische Kamer van Vertalers, Tolken en Filologen (Belgium).

BDÜ - Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (Germany).

DT - Dansk Translatørforbund (Denmark).

DZTPS - Drustvo Znanstvenih In Tehniskih Prevajalcev Slovenije (Slovenia).

IOL - Institute of Linguists (UK).

ITA - Irish Translators' Association - Cumann Aistritheoirí na h-Éireann (Ireland).

ITI - Institute of Translation & Interpreting (UK).

PATP - Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators (Greece).

SFÖ - Sveriges Facköversättarförening (Sweden).

SFT - Société française des Traducteurs (France).


AUSIT - Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators.


Language Schools

Cactus Language School - Custom spanish lessions in many South & Central American counties.


Other Services -Canada

Bergel & Edson, Personal Injury Law Firm - Bergel & Edson is an established personal injury law firm in Toronto, Ontario. Hy Bergel and Barry Edson have been helping car accident victims, slip & fall victims and other personal injury sufferers for 30 years.

For Free Translations in Canada : A site that brings all the various types of computer based translation sites into one area.