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   Search Engine Optimization

We know that SEO often plays a central role in our clients’ marketing strategy, which is why we take our job as search engine professionals very seriously. Our SEO specialists spend all of their time staying abreast of the SEO best practices and researching the specific search engine’s ever-changing algorithms to ensure that we are optimizing the sites utilizing the latest techniques and strategies. At a high-level, an SEO process consists of 3 phases – Research, optimisation and Maintenance.


  1. Current site audit. If you have a current website the first thing that we’ll do is take a comprehensive look at the architecture, coding and overall layout of the site to determine if there are any fundamental issues that need to be addressed upfront to lay the groundwork for a successful campaign.

  2. Initial meeting to discuss the objectives of the SEO campaign. It is during this meeting that we look at your competitors’ sites to get a good understanding of the competitive landscape. We will spend some time trying to get into the heads of your customers and brainstorm the almost unlimited potential phrases a person might type into a search engine to find your particular product or service. It is also at this point were we will discuss timelines and lay out a strategy for the rest of the campaign.

  3. Extensive keyword research. Once we finish our initial meeting, our team will perform a thorough keyword analysis based on our initial brainstorming session. A substantial part of our effort is in determining how often certain keyword phrases are searched for across the search engines and how many other sites are competing with them for the specific phrase. This is a very important step. We want to make sure that we don’t target phrases that are too general, which are oftentimes too competitive to obtain a high ranking. Once we complete our in-depth research we will present our findings and recommendations to you for review and final selection.


  1. Site architecture. Once we have pinned down the appropriate keyword phrases, we will start to work on the site architecture. Creating a well thought out site architecture is essential to ensuring that all of your web pages are accessible to search engine spiders.

  2. Content audit. Having a lot of good content on a website is important for search engines. We will work closely with you to define the type and quantity of content for the pages of the site. Search engines love a lot of well-written, keyword-rich copy. Adding content to your site on an ongoing basis is critical for the ongoing optimisation of your website.

  3. Optimization. Once the content is in place, we will begin the actual optimisation of the pages. This will include edits to all pertinent HTML pages, etc. utilizing current SEO best practices.

  4. Search engine submission. Now that the site is properly optimized, we will go to the major search engines and submit the site pages for indexing. What happens at this stage is we are essentially telling the search engines that the site exists and that the next time they are “crawling” the Internet, to stop by the site and add it to their vast index. Unlike many of the other SEO companies, we don’t blast the search engines with automated submissions, but instead hand-submit each site to make sure that they are indexed correctly. This will prevent your site from getting blacklisted as a spammer. Once we submit your site to the search engines, you will need to wait up to 90-120 days before you actually get indexed and start to appear in search engine listings. If you have a new website it could take even longer, as Google has instituted what has become fondly referred to as “Google’s Sandbox”. It is important to note that we don’t have any way of controlling how fast your website is indexed. Once we submit your site to the search engines it is up to them as to when they will visit your site.


  1. Reporting. Once your site is indexed, we will run reports for all of the keyword phrases that we targeted and will provide a detailed report showing where you rank on the top search engines.

  2. On-going maintenance and re-optimisation. This is just the beginning. Once your site has been indexed then, depending on where your site is ranked, we begin making necessary adjustments to continue optimisation and to monitor competitive threats across the keyword phrases. As noted earlier, search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, so it is our job as the “experts” to stay abreast of the latest changes and ensure that our monthly optimisation and submissions take any changes into account.

    Does Techno-Valley guarantee that your site will appear at the top of the search engines?
    No. For any given keyword phrase there could be over a million competing sites, so guaranteeing that we could get you to the very top would be quite misleading and unfair. While Techno-Valley makes no guarantee that any site will appear at the top of any of the search engines, the results are generally quite impressive and have great impact on our customer’s marketing efforts. What we do guarantee is that you are hiring a team of ethical strategists that have extensive experience in achieving results. We will always use the very latest techniques and strategies to give you the best chance at landing at the top.

    What we WON’T do is use shady tactics that could get your site blacklisted from the search engines. There is no reason to try to “trick” the search engines into giving you high rankings. High rankings can be achieved by doing things the right way and building your site to weather the ever-changing search engine algorithms.