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  Hardware Maintenance

Hardware Maintenance Services deliver maximum availability for

  • Notebooks

  • Desktops

  • Mobile Phones

  • Networks

Services include

  • Repair

  • Upgrading

  • Mail-in Repair Programs

Whatever it takes to get your system back on its feet and running your business. We are dedicated to your needs.  Contact us today for a support-service  plan thatís right for your business.


We're using the latest diagnosis toolkit "Universal Diagnostic Toolkit"


Keep your computer desktops operating at their peak performance all the time and to the benefit of your employees efficiency due to reliable computers. Our computer maintenance plans will give your business peace of mind knowing that it will not break down suddenly as an experienced engineer has checked it and applied any necessary patches. Our computer maintenance plans comprise of:

  •  Anti virus software checkups

  •  Disk space utilization

  •  Defragmentation of hard drives

  •  Troubleshoot hardware and software issues

  •  Temporary internet files purging

  •  Installed software checkups

  •  Check log files

  •  Install necessary updates and service packs and more.


If your laptop is no longer covered under the factory warranty, we can help you keep your laptop in top condition at a very reasonable cost.

Whatís more, this service plan allows you to firmly budget for IT equipment repairs.

We have excellent computer technicians who are skilled in all aspects of computer hardware repair as well as the removal of harmful computer viruses.

We also offer smart laptop configuration service for laptops used for PowerPoint and other presentation programs where you need your laptop to be re-configured for data projection and top performance.

  Mobile Phones

We have a commitment to provide the easiest and most economical way to fix a broken cell phone.

We specialize in Repairing ALL Types of Cell Phones.


We also specialize in cell phone unlocking.

We can unlock cell phones from manufacturers, including Nokia, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and more.


Coming soon, check our free midi ring tones soon here

   Network Solutions

As one of the leaders in route control and Networks infrastructure, Techno-Valley combines its intelligent routing technology with built-in reliability, network redundancy and superior client support which allows companies to increase productivity. generate greater revenue, decrease costs and improve customer relationships.


Whatever it takes to get your system on its feet and running your business. We are dedicated to your needs. 


We're special in many network solutions including Firewalls, proxies, VPN, Exchange servers, smtp MTA clients etc ...


Contact us today for a support-service  plan thatís right for your business.