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   PowerPoint Presentations


We create high-impact presentations that can help convey meanings, make phrases stand out, and influence attitudes.

Our experts can also create custom PowerPoint templates and perform makeovers

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   PowerPoint Presentations Tips
Hints for a successful presentation
• Plan carefully
• Do your research
• Know your audience
• Practice your presentation
• Speak at a comfortable pace and project to your audience
•Avoid speaking quickly to include more content
•Show enthusiasm for and interest in your topic
•Time your presentation appropriately (PowerPoint’s Rehearsal feature lets you time
your presentation)

Effective PowerPoint slides
• First slide should include your presentation title, your name, organization logo and
• Use design template to standardize position, colours and styles
• Use colours that work well together (Such as yellow or white on a dark blue
background. Avoid use of red)
• Limit the information to essentials
• Use effects, transitions and animation very sparingly
•Limit the number of slides (no more than 12 for a 10-minute presentation)
•Do not apologize for any slide. If the content is hard to read, redo it

Text guidelines
• Generally no more than 7 words a line
• Generally no more than 7 lines a slide
• Avoid long sentences
• Provide only key points on your slides
• Larger font indicates more important information
• Font size generally ranges from 18 to 48 point
• Be sure text contrasts with background
• Fancy fonts can be hard to read
• Words in all capital letters are hard to read
• Avoid abbreviations and acronyms
• Limit punctuation marks
• Spell check and proofread your work